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Anataka is a family story. Our clothes are aimed at women, mothers, daughters and granddaughters.

How did we come into being?

The brand was created by Ania Banasiak, who has many years of strong ties with fashion. Relationships with her loved ones are very important to her - Anataka's beginnings are a family story. Ania started creating Anataka, her beloved brand, with her daughter and sister. Now our company consists of a team of several people, and the girls are TARE of our activities.
Where are we from?
We were established in 2012, in the heart of our country - in Łódź. We design clothes in our office, this is where fashion happens. We sew ethically in local sewing factories throughout Poland. We create things from high-quality, selected materials - Polish knitwear and fabrics mainly from Europe. We focus on the quality and uniqueness of accessories.

Our philosophy:

Our brand philosophy is based on understanding. We try to empathize with your lifestyle and understand your daily duties and challenges. Regardless of your age or body type - our clothes are designed to give you comfort, self-confidence and strength. We pay great attention to styling because we want to inspire you and open new ways to express yourself. Anataka is a timeless brand addressed to 4 generations of women.

Our collections:
During the season, we create two capsule collections for spring/summer and autumn/winter. The materials from which our clothes are made are breathable and of high quality - cotton, viscose, lyocelle, mohair and soft wool. Each collection features neutral base colors and bold, eye-catching accent colors. We love patterns, especially checks!

What are we known for?
We are famous for our well-tailored jackets, soft, wrap-around sweaters and unique trouser styles.
Get to know us better and fall in love with timeless fashion.
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