size chart

The size charts provided refer to body dimensions. When considering what size will fit you, take into account what material a given model is made of (elastic knitwear, non-stretchy fabric) and the cut of the item (fitted, loose, oversize). This affects the comfort of wearing the selected item.


Tabela rozmiar—w

To determine your size, you will need a tape measure or a centimeter to measure yourself in specific places. We will tell you how to measure:

1) Chest circumference: draw a centimeter around the body, under the arms, at the widest part of the chest. Measure yourself in your favorite underwear, taking into account that it can add up to a few centimeters in circumference and may affect the way things fit to this part of the figure!

2) Waist circumference: Draw a tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist. Remember that the tape measure should not be very tight and should not fit the part of the body being measured. It is measured in a natural, relaxed position.

3) Hip circumference: draw a centimeter around the widest part of the body - between the waist and thighs.


Figure legend:
1) Chest circumference
2) Waist circumference
3) Hip circumference

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